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Bocconi University and Politecnico di Milano have assembled a dynamic and multi-disciplinary community of researchers, experts and professors who study, analyze and apply strategies, governance and assessment tools of cyber risk. The challenging study program they have devised addresses the key cyber-related matters faced by all types of organizations, every day.

The Master of Science in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance gives students the tools required to understand, assess and govern the opportunities and threats of the existing and emerging technologies used in our society. As innovative technologies are adopted, new issues arise, so students learn to look ahead, evaluate and communicate threats before they unfold.
These prospective professionals will thus be in a position to make a major contribution to intercepting cyber risks and preventing negative impact on the performance of organizations, both private and public.

The program is highly interdisciplinary, by necessity, considering that computer technology increasingly affects almost every facet of modern life. It combines technical elements of computer science and analytical methods with a range of topics in the social sciences: management, economics, finance law, social engineering, ethics, and behavioral skills.

Applicants should ideally have multidisciplinary backgrounds. Whether their undergraduate degree is in computer science, engineering, management or economics, it is useful to have studied a broad range of subjects and, of course, to have an interest in the prevention of and response to cyber risks.

In particular, the program aims at:

  • providing solid preparation in the areas of the cyber risk assessment to identify potential vulnerability challenges that might affect the functioning and performance of any organization
  • offering multi-faceted preparation with specialized skills to tackle cyber risks from multiple and unusual perspectives
  • developing a profile blending in-depth knowledge of technical cyber issues with competencies in the social sciences that enable relations with all levels of any organization, in order to influence strategic decisions and implementation of actions to mitigate cyber risks.

This MSc program is built to prepare students to enter the job market in firms, financial institutions, other institutions in public/private sectors as well as consulting companies, with two main profiles: as Cyber Risk Managers graduates will support tasks related to cyber risk management at organizational level in order to govern the enterprise risk by designing and implementing ad hoc strategies.
As Data Protection and Security Managers graduates will support tasks related to data protection, privacy management and compliance in order to govern risks on data. This job profile is explicitly required by data protection regulations in Europe as well as around the world.

Applicants to MSc in Cyber Risk Strategy and Governance are required to complete a specific application.”

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