22-24 febbraio 2019 – Milano – Talent Garden

Mondo legale, tecnologia e innovazione si incontrano con l’obiettivo di: sviluppare soluzioni per migliorare l’industria legale in tutto il mondo.


Dal 22 al 24 febbraio oltre 5.000 partecipanti si sfideranno per 48 ore non-stop in un Hackathon che si svolgerà contemporaneamente in 20 paesi e 40 città in tutto il mondo. Il team vincitore a livello locale parteciperà ad una semi finale (virtuale) e avrà la possibilità di avanzare fino alla finale!

Quest’anno Global Legal Hackathon sarà presente con una tappa anche in Italia grazie a Wolters Kluwer, che sarà host a livello locale insieme a BLB Studio Legale.
Appuntamento quindi a Milano il 22 febbraio alle ore 15 presso il Talent Garden. L’evento terminerà il 24 febbraio.

I team devono sviluppare soluzioni che rispondano ad una delle seguenti sfide in ambito legale:

  1. Track legal changes affecting the industry and the impact on the firm and its customers – Can we provide corporations with information and insights, that can be customized for their needs to identify, assess and address regulatory changes?
  2. Better understanding regulatory changes/events, particularly across multiple jurisdictions and their impact Large corporations and law firms operate in multiple countries, need to understand the same / similar regulations across the globe. Can we design a solution to provide this information?
  3. Addressing data privacy concerns – Can we provide legal professionals with tools which enable prediction of data privacy & security risk and improve speed and accuracy of reporting?
  4. Monitor data privacy and integrity – What should a law firm or a General Counsel do to effectively monitor and manage data privacy for its customers and employees?
  1. Comprehensive contract lifecycle management – Can we provide legal professionals with a solution that would help them through the entire contract lifecycle?
  2. Provide relevant legal information connecting external and internal knowledge – Better leveraging law firm internal knowledge and connecting it with external information to provide customized insights into practice and business of law.
  3. Craft a winning litigation strategy –How can we provide lawyers with data-driven insights to craft their litigation strategy?
  4. Enable small legal professionals to compete with bigger players – Is there a way that legal professionals can leverage technology to improve efficiency, expand their access to legal services, and improve margins and profitability?
  1. Manage and develop legal talent – Legal professionals need to not only use but understand the cutting edge technology and its impact on the law. How can we provide them with the opportunity to be part of the tech community and leverage their talent?
  2. Enable law school students to be “practice ready” – How can we get law school students, to be technologically savvy and “practice ready” and hit the ground running when they into get their professional life.

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